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Culture appropriation in bullshit, just something for tumblr to complain about. (I mean wearing stuff of the culture on Halloween is crappy by otherwise its quite stupid)

so i was like:


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beth imma be honest here when i saw the 5sos in target video i imagined you meeting michael at a target and banging in a break room okay i ship meth a lot

so i was like:

holy shit are you serious omg

i love you so much

this is so important


i would def bang mikey in a break room


5sos trying to do american accents while they pretended to be Target employees was perhaps the cutest thing and you can’t disagree 

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Target employee 5sos


Michael: works in the electronics and gaming section, gets yelled at occasionally for playing the games but claims he’s “demonstrating” how they work.

Calum: works in clothing, complimenting customers on their choices with a smile.

Luke: the cashier who’s always busy because all the teenage girls insist on going into his line even when there are open registers available.

Ashton: supervisor who makes sure Michael doesn’t get fired but also occasionally works in Toys.

Ships, bitchatchos!


I’m sorry I called you bitchatchos.. I don’t know what came over me.


  • Mbf me, sorry!
  • Reblog this post, like won’t count bc they’re lame
  •  have a face/about page or describe yourself
  •  tell me which one of these shitty URLs you like the best, I wanna change mine
  •  pick a number between 1 & 93

What you’ll get:

  • Ship
  • Bestie
  • Tweet (if you have any ideas tell me bc I have a terrible imagination)
  • A random photo from my phone depending on the number you give me 
  • Song on shuffle
  • All my love! :-) <3
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