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i have vip tickets to 5sos and i'm really not fine at all

honestly you should message me bc i really like friends and im super lame i swear


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w ow i feel so rad thank you guys so so so much for 2.8k i cant believe there’s that many actual humans that care enough to follow me!!! thanks sos soooososososososos so much i just hwnjulksobnljs wow

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the book comes with some scissors so you can cut your shirts and bE JUST LIKE US 

reject5sos was like: did harry have a manbun in his hair tonight?

and then i was all:


Nah son, he was lettin it all hang down!

i would like to thank not only god, but jesus for this informationt

reject5sos was like: yo tyler help a sista out okay i really wanna go see you at bogies but my mom's a little bit skeptical bc it's not in a super good area please help me

and then i was all:


The area is fine. Just college kids! And if you’re under 21 there isn’t re-entry so just go inside and you’ll be very safe

thanks m8

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two away from my next hundred holy shit

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The Rates are Sailing... wait what


Sooooo my Calum fic just recently reached 1k reads and I know that may not be that much but that’s really big for me and I’m so excited soooo I’M GONNA DO RATES AND STUFF :)


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